Hands on Exotics- 
Bringing Exotic Encounters to Camp

Owner Seth started Hands on Exotics in 2011 as he turned his passion for animals into a full time business. Throughout the past decade, his business has grown into an outreach organization that offers programs including: animal assisted therapy, animal education, and the facilitation of animal actors on film, television and in fashion photography.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Hands on Exotics provides fun, positive hands-on presentations that help educate our campers and dispel myths and fears about animals. They believe that meeting and interacting with animals up-close in person enhances learning and fosters a great respect for wildlife. In this way, Hands on Exotics imparts knowledge on responsible animal care as many exotic animals are obtained as pets without enough understanding of their required care. They also like to discuss wildlife conservation issues and empower individuals to help, whether it be from a ‘backyard conservation’ level to a global scale.

Hands on Exotics at Camp Summer Blast

Each week Hands on Exotics will bring a different combination of exotic creatures to camp so that campers coming for multiple weeks will always have something different to see! Visit www.handsonexotics.com for more information!

  • Week 1 - Furry Friends with Large Tortoise
  • Week 2 - Safari Adventure with Sugar Glider
  • Week 3 - Jurassic Adventure with Savannah Cat
  • Week 4 - Lion Tamer with Tree Frogs
  • Week 5 – Explore Africa with Large Snake
  • Week 6 – Furry Friends with Baby Dino
  • Week 7 – Safari Adventure with Hornbill
  • Week 8 - Jurassic Adventure with Singing Parrot