Milton Summer Camp - Milton Fairgrounds

Camp Summer Blast is excited to be located at the Milton Fairgrounds, a large 26 acre green space located right in the middle of downtown Milton. As locations go, this is quite possibly the best spot in Milton for a Summer Camp.  We provide action-packed summer camp programs for children from Senior Kindergarten to Grade 1 (our Primary Programs), Grades 2 to 6 (Our Junior Programs), and Grades 7 to 10 (Our Leaders In Training). The Milton Fairgrounds provide an exceptional location for our Milton Summer Camp. Read more below on the facilities, amenities, and what's nearby. 

Camp at Milton Fairgrounds

The Fairgrounds in Milton is located at 136 Robert Street and is set on 26 acres of prime real-estate. The main building and field (pictured to the right) is home to Camp Summer Blast and provides a beautiful outdoor space and a fully enclosed space for our campers to call home. The Milton Fairgrounds is host to multiple activities throughout the year, most notable the Milton Canada Day celebrations and the Milton Fall Fair. 

In this picture you can see the vast space of the fairgrounds available for sports, games, outdoor fun, scavenger hunts, water activities, and of course.. our Amazing Race! And while we do try to spend as much time in the great outdoors as possible, we do also have a fully enclosed indoor space!

The Big Old Tree

The Milton Fairgrounds provides natural shade under The BIG OLD TREE!

Here you can see some of our campers playing in the sand until the BIG OLD TREE! Summer Camp lore holds that this tree was planted by Jasper Martin himself after the fairgrounds first opened more than 150 years ago. While this fact may be disputed, and the actual age of the tree is unknown, it's great place to sit and keep out of the hot summer sun.  The Milton Fairgrounds provides ample room for our summer campers to play and engage in activities both indoors and out

This is one of the favourite spots during the day as there is always a breeze and shade on those hot summer days. And don't worry, we also have a fully enclosed indoor space in case of rain or extreme heat!