Water Day

Each week our camp wraps up with an epic water day filled with fun! Our campers get the chance to participate in water games and, if they're quick enough, the chance to soak their counselors! Our staff are great sports and don't mind getting wet as the campers love it!

Splish Splashing Fun!

We all remember as kids when mom or dad would get out the hose, fill the kiddie pool, and bring out the water toys! These simple things turned a hot summer day into laughter and great memories. It's the same at camp and Fridays are anxiously awaited each week as campers get the chance to suit up and get soaked! Our counselors love to get fully involved and without a doubt ALWAYS end up on the receiving end of their campers water toys. Our water days take place after lunch each Friday and have many of our campers not wanting to leave!

For our smaller campers (Primary/Junior) we also have an inflatable water slide that brings lots of wet fun and laughter. While our water days are weather permitting, we strive to have them each week! Note: if a Friday is forecast to be rainy we will endeavour to have our Water Day on Thursday afternoon.

Below are some highlights from the summer of 2023!