PaleoTales - 
Where Science Meets Literature

Paleotales is a unique program that combines science and literature in the ultimate inquiry-based experience. From the moment the presentation begins, students will be immersed in the land of learning, imagining life through the eyes of time. Using her own magical mix of research and story-telling, Paleotales owner, Kara Bartley, will captivate campers and leave them wanting more. If the weather is just right campers may also get a chance to go on a real (pretend) fossil dig in our giant sand box!

Inquiry-Based Learning

PaleoTales Paleontologist and author Kara Bartley visits our camp each week to work with campers and engage them in learning that is exciting while allow them to experience hands-on access to fossils that are hundreds of thousands years old!

The PaleoTales program follows the Ontario Curriculum, supporting students along their scientific journey and in line with STEM (STEAM) initiatives. Grounded in the principles of inquiry-based learning, PaleoTales knows that students absorb and retain more when fully engaged. Kara's presentations are designed to promote inquisitiveness and analytical thinking while allowing the creative mind to flourish.

Here one of our campers is holding a 9 million year old fossil brought to camp allowing for a true hands on connection to the past. Campers are also encouraged to bring their own fossils to camp (if they have them) to share with our resident Paleontologist!

Welcome to the Past

Skulls and teeth and ribs, oh my! Venture into the past with paleontologist and author Kara Bartley as she takes you on a whirlwind adventure of ancient life through time.

Each presentation begins with the sharing of information, including a description of prehistoric life, death and the fossilization process, the role of a paleontologist and every detective's dream. Moving from past to present, the talk then delves into the world of creative writing where imagination is KING. Using thought-provoking imagery to inform, educate and intrigue, Kara transitions from fossils to prose, to narrate her life as an author. The presentation culminates in a reading, where afterwards, questions are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Hands-On Inquiry: after each talk, students are given the opportunity to personally experience the past as they touch and feel genuine fossils and bones!