Field Trip - Country Heritage Park

This year we are considering a weekly, half-day field trip to Country Heritage Park in Milton! This excursion would come no additional cost to our campers and allow them to get up close with nature and Ontario's Historic Past.

Explore the Past

*NOTE: We are looing at options for Country Heritage Park. If you are NOT interested in having your child on a field trip, please let us knowCountry Heritage Park: Is a non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to promote agriculture, food, and education within the Milton community. They provide numerous services to the Halton Region by increasing awareness of food and sustainability. The park boasts teaching gardens, a food hub, community gardens, 19 historical buildings, and a working farm. 

Each Thursday, our campers will arrive at camp by 9:15 and get ready to board the bus for Country Heritage Park. Our arrival at the park will be at 9:45 am at which point the adventure begins! Each week the adventure will be slightly different as many campers attend Camp Summer Blast for multiple weeks, or even the full summer. Some of our activities include: The Cassin Barn - an interactive play centre, a historic 'corner store', The Riley Barn - a 1940's working barn with a variety of farm animals, An Indigenous Experience, A School House, and much more!

Field Trip Schedule

9:00 - 9:15 - Drop Off as per ususal
9:15 - Gather in small groups with counselor - attendance and bus manifest completed
9:30 - Board Bus for Country Heritage Park
9:45 - Arrival at Country Heritage Park - Campers divided into small groups with counselor
10:00 - Groups divide and travel on foot to one of 3 activities (different activities each week as mentioned above)
11:00 - Groups rotate to the next activity on foot
12:00 - Lunch at the park - please pack a waste-free lunch
12:30 - Board Bus to return to Milton Fairgrounds
12:45 - Arrival at Milton Fairgrounds for afternoon activities