Music With Mr. Jim

Each week campers are treated to an exceptional interactive experience when Mr. Jim visits Camp Summer Blast. Jim brings with him a large variety of musical instruments from drums to banjos, guitars, keyboards, xylophones, harps, accordions and MUCH more!

Music and Exploration!

Each week our campers cannot wait for Mr. Jim to arrive with his vast array of musical instruments. Jim brings with him many years of experience in the music industry and a genuine love of teaching. Campers are given the unique opportunity to experiment with many musical instruments while learning about sound, rhythm, and of course, musical fun! Get ready for an exciting adventure when our campers have a blast composing music and sharing their new-found talents. If your camper has an existing talent we encourage them to bring their own instruments to share with other campers! This is always a highlight regardless of the age of your camper.

In addition to instruments, Mr. Jim also immerses our campers in additional activities. Whether it's the dragon dance, partaking in Tinikling (bamboo poles sliding back and forth on the ground) or a fun game of limbo, Jim keeps our campers engaged and having fun. 

Below are some highlights from the summer of 2023!